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for Digital Transformation.

We turn operational data into meaningful information.

What we do

We help our clients select the right solutions and technologies for their unique needs.

We align all data with production processes, making it easy to manage and draw conclusions to improve efficiency.

We support decarbonisation through process optimisation and the development of new solutions.

We support you on every step of data handling:

from their collection to the use of advanced analytics.

Advanced Analytics
Production process optimisation: Predictive Maintenance, Simulation of equipment behaviour, Production forecasting.
Automatic reporting on production status, key business indicators, support for reporting to authorities.
Dashboards, alerts and production status notifications, also in real time.
Data organization
Giving context to process data, including standardisation of names and units.
Data collection
Data from the production process (from SCADA, sensors, IoT) is organised in the Central Data Repository.

We are experts in these Industires

For each of our clients, we craft an offer with our subject matter experts.

This way we can focus on embracing your core advantages and create a competitive advantage.

Integration »

IoT Implementation


Cloud Computing

IT Systems Integration

Digitalization »

Devices and Assets Monitoring

Web portals

Digital Twins

Big Data »

Algorithms development


Data Science Team

Innovations »


Partnership with universities and research institutions

Sustainable technologies

With our clients we developed products that change the industry.

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