Save energy with the Nexo app

Grzegorz Michalski

It’s needless to convince anyone how important it is to save energy today. We feel it strongly, especially when we receive the gas or electricity bill. The amount to be paid motivates us to reduce energy purchasing costs, but it isn’t easy to achieve without energy-saving tools. Nexo can come to the rescue with its capabilities related to energy consumption management – we wrote about it in the article “Meeting Nexo”

Turn up the thermostat, turn down the thermostat – easy to say, easy to forget. 

In winter, we use different sources of heat to heat our homes and apartments: system heat, solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, and heat pumps. Regardless of the heat supply source, the temperature maintained inside the room directly impacts heating costs. The higher it is, the more energy is needed to provide it. The simplest solution is to maintain a constant low temperature in the rooms, but at the same time, it is one of the least comfortable solutions for us. Who likes to step out of a warm shower into a cold bathroom? 

We can try to solve this problem: turn up the thermostat in the bathroom an hour earlier and then reduce the temperature after the bath. The same can be done when leaving the house: lower the temperature in each room and restore the appropriate level upon return. However, there is a specific “problem”: we must remember all this. We must remember to raise the bathroom temperature in advance and lower it. We have to remember to turn down the thermostats before leaving the house and turn them up again upon returning. But just turning them up won’t solve the problem, as the rooms will take a while to heat up. Above all, we have to remember to do these things every time, every day. 

An ideally planned temperature 

Nexo relieves us of these obligations: the app allows us to plan the temperature level and automatically “keeps an eye” on these settings. We can create a weekly temperature schedule with accuracy to the hour. 

Let’s assume that all family members shower between 7 pm and 11 pm, so we want the bathroom to be around 24°C. Between 11 pm and 5 am, 18°C is sufficient at night, and when we are getting ready to leave for work or school – 20°C. Between 8 am and 4 pm, when no one is at home, we don’t need to “heat up” the bathroom – 18°C is enough, so we can “return” to that temperature. The ideal temperature for the remaining week and weekend hours will be 20°C. 

Such a plan should help us manage heat more reasonably. However, manually changing so many settings is a challenge. At some point, we either get tired of “playing with thermostats” or forget to set them regularly. And this is just a scenario for one room! 

Saving through clicks – that’s how Nexo works. 

We can prepare such a schedule using the functionalities Nexo offers with a few clicks. We don’t have to think about it is 7 pm, and we need to turn up the thermostat in the bathroom. Nexo will do it for us, allowing us to enjoy comfortable conditions without unnecessarily burdening our memory with additional tasks. It doesn’t matter how many thermostats you have at home; Nexo will enable you to manage them efficiently. Regardless of the schedule, you can change the temperature at any time – using the thermostat or Nexo interface. You will admit that controlling the temperature while limiting heating costs has never been so easy and intuitive. 

If Nexo has piqued your interest, follow our blog. Soon, more articles will appear where we will talk about the capabilities of this solution.