Meeting Nexo

Grzegorz Michalski

The Smart Home is currently “in vogue”. More and more people are interested in the subject and installing devices in their homes to facilitate the use of electricity and heat.  

Smart Home – many devices and… we have a problem! 

The user usually starts their adventure with the Smart Home with a single smart socket, light switch, or thermostatic head. To try it out, to see if it’s something for us. In subsequent stages, we add other devices, but this time from other manufacturers. For each ‘gadget,’ we need a different app to operate it. A problem quickly arises because we have several different tools for operating devices from different companies. Each app provides other functionality and has a different interface. The result? A lack of interoperability between devices. 

Does this mean that our idea of a Smart Home is in ruins? Not at all! Nexo comes to the rescue. 

Nexo, the way to a Smart Home 

Nexo is a solution that integrates the operation of various devices in one place. It allows you to manage them, control them and enable cooperation between them. Nexo is not only a convenient option for the end user or, to put it simply, an easy-to-use technology for our homes. It is also an advanced, sophisticated solution for utility providers such as heat or electricity. With Nexo, it is possible to manage resources more efficiently, plan their use and, as a result, save money, which now affects us all and is essential for both energy consumers and suppliers.  

From Smart Home to Smart City  

We already have a record of examples showing that Nexo works well in practice. We have successfully implemented it in Krakow’s kindergartens, generating 20% savings in the heat supply cost. In Leipzig, Nexo assists the energy industry with rational energy management in the Smart City project.  

With Veolia, a leading energy company, we are implementing Nexo in the flats of one of the housing cooperatives in Łódź. We have already written about it on our blog, in article “Optimising energy consumption – a joint project between Veolia and ConnectPoint“.

Follow our blog! In future posts, we will tell you more about Nexo, its capabilities, and how it can help us in various aspects of our daily lives.