Research grant for the project: “Heat and Cold Storage”

Jakub Ładyński

Our Nexo Energy Team has been awarded a research grant to further innovate in the field of heat and energy optimisation in buildings. Our goal is to ensure maximum efficiency of the use of Renewable Energy Sources ( RES ) in the office and home.

The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) in Poland announced a call for proposals for a project focused on developing energy-efficient systems providing heat and cold for homes and offices. The project concentrates on innovative technologies of heat and cold storage, among others, by drawing maximum energy available at a given time from RES and distributing it according to the current demand of the building. The result will be systems that reduce the cost of heating and cooling buildings by drawing and distributing energy from RES in an optimal way.

ConnectPoint has entered into the competition with our Nexo Energy solution, which allows us to collect data from Smart Home devices and transmit them to service providers, e.g. heat, energy. This data can then be analysed, and supply optimised.

You can read more about the grant here.