Advanced Analytics for Process Manufacturing Data

Seeq integration, implementation and training provided by ConnectPoint..

Actionable insights in minutes

Seeq is an intuitive application created for process data analysis. It enables quick exploration of data from processes and production and sharing its results.
Seeq is designed especially for processing data from time series collected in historians and other databases.

Experience Advanced Analytics

Descriptive What happened?

Near real-time profitability, analytics to inform decisions on maintenance schedules

Diagnostic Why did it happen?

Avoide downtime and affiliated losses

Monitoring What is happening?

Use to set notifications about the status of operations, e.g. every 12 hours

Prescriptive What should happen?

Evaluate action scenarios before making the optimal decision

Predictive What will happen?

Achieve revenue growth by maintaining near 100% efficiency at lower costs

Seeq Workbench

Workbench is Seeq’s application for engineers engaged in diagnostic, descriptive, and predictive analytics with process manufacturing data.

Seeq Organizer

Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages.

Our Offer


We integrate Seeq with all relevant data platforms in your organization for data import and analysis export. We can deploy it as a SaaS or on-premis.


The training include: introduction to Seeq, basic and advanced functions, case studies on Customer data.

Algorithms development

We prepare for you a set of algorithms relevant for your organization.

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