Solutions for the Green Energy.


The PV panel is a great opportunity to decentralise the power industry. It is also a challenge for the distribution network due to the emergence of prosumers in the market. Our solutions help to maintain balance in the grid.


Wind turbines appear on land and at sea. Our solutions focus on optimising machine operation, minimising maintenance costs and reliably predicting power production.

Central Data Repository.

The first step in Enterprise Digitalization.


Wind turbines

PV Panels

Prosumer Meters

Business Systems




Standardisation of naming

Standardisation of the measurement system

Assignment of data to machines

Cleaning up basic errors and anomalies

Control Room

Notifications and alerts

The result is structured data

ready for further analysis.

Solutions for the industry

solar package»

Platform for continuous analysis of the status of PV installations, transformers and production/consumption forecasting in daily cycles. Makes recommendations related to investments in power networks based on predicted loads.

wind package»

Platform for monitoring and predictive analysis of the performance of wind turbines and wind farms. It serves to optimise energy production and reduce maintenance costs.

Read about our implementation for E.On

E.On needed to increase the efficiency of its wind farms (over 4,000 turbines in the EU and US). They will achieve this with Predictive Maintanace and Maintenance Optimisation.

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