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of the PI system

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PI Monitoring is a system for collecting, organising and visualising diagnostic data from infrastructure, PI system components and related business applications.

PI Monitoring answer to questions like:


How many PI Tags are unused?


Which system component is not working properly?


Why is there missing data in the report?


Why should hardware resources be increased?


Is the interface adding correct data into the system?


How many unauthorised attempts to log into the system occurred?


How many analyses are incorrectly configured?


Why has PI Data Archive response time increased?

The system consists of four main areas

PI System Monitoring

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from components and services.

Monitoring of PI-related infrastructure

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from the server and network infrastructure.

Monitoring of PI-related applications

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data of business applications such as reporting system, data warehouse (dedicated mechanisms created by CP).


Monitoring of connections to the system with a division into technologies and methods of authentication.