Top digital solutions for Industry customers.

World-class systems for digitising production processes.

Industrial data integration competence and local markets knowledge.
GE Digital
Ready applications and domain knowledge

Together we provide finest IT Solutions for Energy and Manufacturing.

Our solutions

Easy & secure access to current operational data
Plant Availability Management
Production Process Optimization

Digitalization Services

Proactive asset management

Increase machine availability to 3% and reduce maintenence cost by 10%.

Predix Platform

15% reduction in IT costs; Increase the speed of application implementation by 40% for the energy group.

Process optimization

Reduction of nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions by up to 20% and CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by optimizing boiler combustion.

Digital employee

Ensuring business continuity by remote access to operator stations and mobile workgroup management.


Gas Power Plants

Reduction in the number of failed block reboots

Decrease the number of failures

Steam Power Plants
Up to 10%

Reduction in annual maintenance costs

1% improvement in efficiency and reduction of CO2 emissions

Power Plants
Up to 10%

Reduction of maintenance costs

Up to 3% increase in production

Up to 10%

Reduction of downtime

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