Participation of Connectpoint in the EU project

The project – SmartX

Home automation is a topic of the future. More and more providers offer smart home products that promise, for example, high energy-saving potential, exciting lighting control or automatic operation of the blinds. Most systems are stand-alone solutions that cannot be expanded and thus do not meet growing demands. This makes life difficult for users.

The idea for SmartX came from observing this market for home automation and IoT. Energy and water companies in particular use completely different systems. The most advanced solutions work to create customer profiles based on de-aggregating data from smart meters. They offer utilities a wide scope for analysing the energy profile of consumers.

SmartX creates the conditions for obtaining more accurate readings directly from connected devices and systems, as well as external information such as weather forecasts. It also enables the creation of cross-platform rules that allow utilities to manage utility demand very precisely.

Period of project implementation

01.01.2018 – 31.12.2019

Project objective

The objective of the project was to develop a product innovation in the field of smart building solution


Within the framework of the project, the following were realized:

  • Architecture and implementation of connectors to integrate SmartX data sources.
  • Implementation of a distributed application layer (back-end) with the SmartX platform database and graphical user interfaces (front-end)
  • Release of a demo version of the product to potential users.

Value of the project

3 803 436,00 PLN | Approx. 822,000 euros

Contribution of the European Funds

2 282 061,60 PLN | Approx. 493,000 euros

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