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Smart Building Connectivity

  • Hardware design
  • Nexo Platform
  • Integration and customisation
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Operational Excellence

  • Scada data collection and analytics
  • Reporting from Process ( OT) area
  • Energy Monitoring in manufacturing processes

Customer Excellence

  • Kundenportal 
  • Customer Care


Nexo is a platform working as an operational system of a building. It connects building facilities and uses them for energy efficiency, demand side-response, or carbon footprint reporting.

It includes ready-to-use communication interfaces for devices and sensors, a powerful data management and analysis platform, and an end-user application. With Nexo, it is possible to build new services quickly and gain a competitive advantage. Nexo customers are mainly energy service providers, utilities, and operators of facilities.

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The Smart RDM platform provides a comprehensive suite of features that can aid organizations in realizing the full potential of their data. By utilizing the AVEVA PI system (former OsiSoft PI System) and other applications as a data source, the platform employs analytical capabilities to convert it into key performance indicators (KPIs), reports, insights, and visualizations in diverse contexts. Based on the Big Data module and reporting module Smart RDM enables the monitoring and optimisation of energy consumption in production processes.

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The modern Customer Portal is the primary communication channel between the service provider and the customer. ✔ A multilingual application with a friendly, ergonomic, and intuitive user interface that addresses the needs of utility customers (e.g., electricity, gas, heat). 📈 By enhancing user comfort with a flexible tool for remote information and issue resolution, available 24/7, you improve the efficiency of your employees and win customer loyalty. 💬🤝

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