Our Competencies

We are a team of experts and developers dedicated to the development of systems supporting the operation of smart heat and electricity transmission networks (Smart Grids), IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) platforms, and critical business applications based on real-time data in energy and industry. We deliver portal solutions for energy suppliers, energy services and e-mobility.

We operate as part of development teams working on a daily basis for our clients around the world and we develop and maintain our own products.

The technologies we use are Spring/Vert.x(Java), NodeJS, Postgres, Influx, Kafka, Angular, .NET, and many others.

You can read about our projects:

Ilustracja Kompetencje Team Software House

The Data Science team deals with the acquisition, processing, analysis of data, and above all, withdrawing conclusions from it and predicting the future.

We have many years of experience in building solutions for clients and supporting the development of our products.

Our competencies include anomaly detection, data visualisation, and machine learning.
We operate in on-premises and cloud environments (Azure).

You can read about our projects here:

Ilustracja Kompetencje Team Data Science

The DevOps team develops and maintains IT infrastructure for customers.

We optimise CI/CD processes, containerise applications and prepare them to run on distributed systems such as Kubernetes.

We build Kubernetes-based solutions both on-premise and in the cloud.

We also provide managed services for customers in accordance with ISO27001, from operating centres in Warsaw and Dusseldorf.

You can read about our projects here:

Ilustracja Kompetencje Team DevOps

The BI team deals with analysis, design, implementation, and maintenance of database systems, Big Data/Data Lake platforms for the industry and energy sector.

Our competences include i.a. traditional data warehouses based on the relational model and data lake repositories with their ETL/ELT supply processes, OLAP systems, and reporting systems.

We operate in both on-premises and cloud environments (mainly Azure).

We support OSIsoft PI System and Smart RDM implementations of database and reporting requirements.

You can read about our projects:

Ilustracja Kompetencje Team Business Intelligence

The team is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and development of the OSIsoft PI System for Clients.

The team’s scope of competence includes tasks related to the integration of distributed data sources, building a data model and analytics based on process data, process visualization, building business and technology reporting, and integration with other business systems.

Our team of accredited, experienced consultants has a track record of complex implementation projects and extensive industry knowledge. Not only do we have a good knowledge of the PI System, but we are also specialists in integration with database and reporting systems, integration with GIS class systems, data buses, etc.

We have developed efficient methods for importing and exporting data from the PI System to external systems used for advanced cloud-based analyses.

We provide consulting, implementation, maintenance, and training services for clients. You can read about our PI system monitoring product PI Monitoring, and about our projects:

Ilustracja Kompetencje Team OSIsoft PI