XXVIII Symposium Spring Meeting of the Heating Industry in Poland

Jakub Ładyński

Our expert Marek Zając took part in the debate “Project: TRANSFORMATION. What should the Polish district heating sector become?”, held on 12 July 2021 within the XXVIII Spring Meeting of District Heating Companies.

The speakers discussed the most critical changes and challenges faced by district heating companies in Poland. According to Marek, the future of heat is in the hands of customers who, thanks to digital tools, want to manage their heat consumption themselves: ” It will be the customers who decide how much heat they want to receive. Therefore, we are introducing extensive information systems that collect data from the substations to change the nature of their operation to generate savings. The next stage is to control the heat demand for each room in the building.”

For district heating companies, this means the need to digitalise as it becomes increasingly important to collect information from consumers. At ConnectPoint, we see a significant increase in the demand for data. They are necessary to answer critical questions for the companies’ future.

A complete summary of the debate can be read on the Kierunek Energetyka website in Polish: https://www.kierunekenergetyka.pl/konferencja,2191,85976.html