We have completed the construction of the ThermOS technology demonstrator

Paweł Uznański

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the construction of the ThermOS technology demonstrator at the University of Agriculture in Cracow On November 29, 2023, we signed the ThermOS system acceptance protocol, and on December 4 and 5, the National Center for Research and Development conducted a 24-hour functional test. We implemented the project as part of the second stage of the research and development project “Heat and cold storage,” financed by the National Center for Research and Development – as the winners of the project’s first stage.

That way, a new technological system has been developed at the Faculty of Production and Power Engineering, and we are convinced that it will perfectly fit into the current trend of maximising the use of renewable energy sources, including surplus electricity production from prosumer photovoltaics. Thanks to the heat storage system and the logic of our Nexo application, which controls the whole construction, ThermOS will actively cooperate with the PV installation and use electricity in specific – cheapest – time intervals. Our solution is a response to the upcoming changes in the electricity market, i.e., hourly billing and dynamic tariffs.

An exciting and new aspect of the implementation was the inclusion of the emerging renewable heat source, with a storage system, in the existing system of supplying the building with system heat from MPEC Cracow. It was – and still is – a big challenge for us because our multi-disciplinary design team works in difficult winter conditions, and the most important thing is to ensure thermal comfort in the building.
Thanks also to the technological partners of our project – AC Instalacje ADAM CYGANOWICZ from Łask, AGRA FIRMA from Łódź, AMARGO TANK Think Tank from Ożarów Mazowiecki, INVENTIA from Warsaw and IDEA-COMPLEX from Łódź.

What lies ahead? Analyses of the ThermOS demonstrator’s operation are being conducted, and based on them, we will be able to expand the functionalities of the technological system and improve the Nexo control application. We have many good ideas and got highly involved in this project, so we expect exciting results.

Stay with us – more news from Cracow is coming soon, and if you are interested in the project’s details, please contact us.