ThermOS’s “battle test”

Paweł Uznański

The last few days, especially frosty nights, were a real test for building owners and their heat sources. Every frigid winter has brought the same case for many years – both organized heating systems and those who heat their homes with a small boiler or fireplace count on the fact that there will be no breakdowns and that the devices will be efficient enough to ensure thermal comfort in the building. In recent years, thanks to the development of renewable energy technologies, many buildings have been heated by heat pumps – mostly air/water devices. They are the subject of intense discussion: will they provide adequate performance at an outside air temperature of around -20°C?

On January 9th and 10th, temperatures in Krakow dropped to -18/19°C. Our ThermOS technology demonstrator system at the University of Agriculture in Krakow has passed a real “battle test.”

We have reasons to be satisfied: there were no problems with the heat supply to the building. The system, powered by three air heat pumps (each with a power of 16 kW, based on the ecological working fluid R290), continuously produced heat to meet the facility’s needs. Notably, there was no need to “support” the heating of the building by the existing heat source, i.e., the heating node. Otherwise, the building’s heating installation is equipped with traditional wall radiators, and the building itself is certainly not passive.

We are most pleased that the facility’s users – URK employees and students – are satisfied!

We are waiting for the sun – then, we will be able to test the various functionalities of the ThermOS heat storage system even more effectively. And the supply of heat will involve a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and operating costs.