TBB 2021 InnoEnergy Conference

Jakub Ładyński

As an InnoEnergy backed company, we are delighted to be at The Business Booster conference every year.

The event provides an opportunity for innovators in the field of sustainable energy transition to present themselves.

This year we showcased our Nexo Energy solution and talked about the idea of Energy-as-a-Service.

Our presentation was led by Diego Martinez, Product Manager at ConnectPoint. He talked about the importance of a new approach to selling energy, which is forced by changes in the market, among other things. Decentralisation of energy production and regulations that make it easier for consumers to switch suppliers are challenges faced by distributors. These changes are an impulse to introduce innovative solutions that address these challenges, and Nexo Energy fits perfectly into this need.

Diego’s day-to-day responsibilities include developing our Nexo Energy product and working with customers on joint R&D activities.

Feel free to ask Diego questions directly via email: diego.martinez@connectpoint.pl or LinkedIn.