Publication of our employees in “Measurement Automation Robotics” Journal

Jakub Ładyński

Bartosz Kowalczyk and Piotr Szeląg published an article titled “Application of SmartX platform for measurement data acquisition and management of electricity consumption” in the scientific and technical quarterly “Pomiary Automatyka Robotyka“.

Our employees used Smart X technology with a commercial name Nexo Energy for the development of which ConnectPoint received a research grant: under the project POIR.01.01-00-0767/17 “SmartX platform for the integration of intelligent building solutions” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. This article was written as part of the efforts to promote the results achieved.

As a company, we pride ourselves on supporting the academic aspirations of our employees. We have doctoral students and lecturers working for us from the Częstochowa University of Technology and the University of Warsaw. We congratulate the authors on their excellent publication.


From the electricity consumer point of view, its usage cost reduction is very important. To achieve that, dedicated software systems are required. They are capable of acquiring data directly from smart energy meters and delivering rule engines and solutions for maintaining household devices. In the paper, the SmartX platform is presented. It is capable of the acquisition of data directly from smart energy meters. The platform integrates the IoT (Internet of Things) devices of various manufacturers. This is possible due to its flexible architecture, which supports many communication protocols and can be easily extended by so-called protocol bindings. Thanks to that, a generic home automation system can be created. In this paper, the dedicated measurement system based on the SmartX platform and Sonoff energy meters are presented. The created system has been used for energy data acquisition from a small office. The measurements took half of the year, and the most interesting data is shown in the results section of the paper. The data analysis has been held with the Python programming language. Based on the achieved results, several conclusions have been made. Based on them, the usage of the SmartX platform and the dedicated measurement system leads to the optimization of the energy consumption and the cost reduction by the energy end-user.

The entire paper in Polish can be read here: