PI World Gothenburg 2019: MPWiK Wrocław on stage

Jakub Ładyński

We are already after the PI World Gothenburg conference! This year, our client MPWiK Wroclaw performed on stage. Mr Piotr Słomianny and Mr Michał Ślósarz talked about one more way of using OSIsoft PI System in their organization: Using production data and data from phone calls and caller location to detect network failures quickly.

The full presentation can be viewed on the OSIsoft website:

The second significant development for ConnectPoint was a deepening partnership with Seeq. Our team had many technical and business discussions to understand this technology better. We prepared a plan of joint activities to introduce the solution to the Polish and German markets.

One of the priorities of the conference trip is to train our employees. Part of the OSIsoft team went to learn about the latest changes in the software. OSIsoft did not fail to provide space for the integration of partners and customers. The company has reserved an amusement park for conference participants in this edition of the event!