OSIsoft PI System as a platform for a Virtual Power Plant – PI World 2015

Jakub Ładyński

ConnectPoint is a commercial partner of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Częstochowa University of Technology, and one of the projects we jointly develop is the Virtual Power Plant Project. The backbone of this solution is OSIsoft PI. The space for the project was created thanks to the scientific cooperation between the Technical University and OSIsoft. ConnectPoint has joined as one of the leading partners of OSIsoft in Poland.

Piotr Szeląg and Jakub Tomiczek were invited to OSIsoft PI World 2015 as speakers to present the possibilities offered by the solution built together.

There appeared to be a technology gap in the market resulting from the energy revolution – a move away from centralised energy production to decentralised renewable energy sources. The Virtual Power Plant application enables the monitoring of heating and air-conditioning energy consumption, optimisation of consumption of all utilities, and continuous monitoring of the customer profile in terms of consumption and its demand for specific utilities daily. This enables data from customer behaviour to be synchronised with data from renewable energy production, resulting in improved infrastructure management.

Slides from the presentation in English can be downloaded here: https://resources.osisoft.com/presentations/the-pi-system-as-the-virtual-power-plant-platform/