On creating innovations in Startup.info

Jakub Ładyński

Jakub Tomiczek, CTO, shared with Startup.info his thoughts on the history of ConnectPoint, product innovation at our company and how Covid-19 has impacted our business. We decided to quote some of the most interesting bits here.

For Jacob, the trigger to build the company was the realisation that “The future of utilities is not asset-centric but information-centric instead. Such companies were not utilising at all the potential of having the right information from the right assets at the right time can be much more valuable than having the assets themselves.”

Jakub joined David at the very beginning of the business with a mission for ConnectPoint to bring together disparate islands of information into one meaningful whole, bringing new quality to customers.

When asked about ConnectPoint’s way of creating innovation, Kuba replied that the most important thing is to work closely with customers. “We are always listening to our customers to identify new ways to create value through new products and services. We are close to the market to sport trends and new possibilities. We have developed 3 new products in the last three years by doing so.

Finally, we are also connecting with companies with innovative products that can explore synergies to co-develop solutions for our clients. For instance, we recently participated in the Helsinki Challenge; a competition aimed to decarbonise the district heating of Helsinki. We prepared a proposal together with other five companies from different countries to tackle the challenge. Our proposal was within the top 10 out of 252 applications, and we are currently in conversations with some municipalities to review our solution.”

You can read the entire interview here: https://startup.info/jakub-tomiczek-connectpoint/