Nexo in post-pandemic times

Jacek Szostakiewicz

The Nexo system brings actual savings in heating costs. It is easy to use, encouraging users to adjust the rooms’ temperature continuously and not to heat them in vain.

How do our customers use Nexo?    

Conversations with users of the Nexo system are precious to us. We learn how the system is used, how it benefits users, and which functionalities are worth expanding. 

This feedback allows us to improve our product and adapt it to market needs. 

We know that Nexo system installations work well in locations where rooms are occupied only at certain times, e.g., in schools, kindergartens, offices, service premises, etc. 

Nexo brings significant savings in such places, while its use is effortless. It is enough to set the schedule, i.e., assign the selected temperature value to specific days of the week and hours to ensure thermal comfort in the rooms. We notice that in most such facilities, the system is configured once, at the beginning of the heating season, and thus works throughout the season. Users do not change the settings because they do not feel the need, but they significantly save on heat, which we wrote about in the previous article

An example from Europe of using Nexo in the office  

The Nexo system is used in an office building in Düsseldorf in a completely different way. Of course, we started with setting temperature schedules according to office hours, but it turned out that the schedule was only the basis for the further active configuration of the system. For example, if it is known that specific rooms will not be used on certain days, this is considered in the room temperature configuration on an ongoing basis. The heating schedule is adjusted to holidays, business trips, and planned work from home. 

A home office is currently trendy in many industries. The administrator of the Düsseldorf office points out that some rooms are often empty all day or a large part of the day, so it is not worth heating them in vain. 

The employees got access to the Nexo system to improve the temperature configuration. 

Thanks to this, someone who knows when he will be in the office and how long he can set the right temperature. Leaving the office, he can lower it. Observations show that employees have different preferences regarding the temperature that is comfortable for them. For some, it is 19; for others 24 degrees. Manual configuration allows employees to adjust the temperature to their preferences continuously. 

In addition, an employee who goes to the office can remotely check the current room temperature in the application and change the setting to meet their needs. If he needs to stay longer in the office, he can set a specific temperature value for a particular time. After the time expires, the temperature will return to the setting resulting from the schedule. 

And you already know all the possibilities of Nexo?

Nexo is a flexible solution that allows users to adjust the temperature individually. In addition to schedules, manual settings are available through the app and by turning the head. This setting is valid for the time assigned to a specific head in the system. 

The administrator of the Düsseldorf office emphasizes that the system’s effortless operation encourages you to use its capabilities. Reports allow you to monitor the activity of users and the heating parameters they select. 

The practice has shown that Nexo works well in the new post-pandemic office reality as an intuitive system that brings actual savings.