ConnectPoint won 2nd place in the Sportgas Sailing Cup 2022 for the PGNiG TERMIKA Chairman’s Cup

Joanna Stefańska

We know our employees are experts in the field of energy. Now we have proof that they are also great sailors!

This year for the first time, ConnectPoint put up their team to participate in a regatta organized by the Society for Sport and Tourism of Oil and Gas “Sportgas” on Zegrzyński Lagoon. Our team showed everyone that they have extensive competence, which allowed them to win second place in the regatta and beat ten other teams.

Our team skipper Jacek Szostakiewicz prepared the first-hand relation.

2 days of competition and fight against the weather

The regatta participants for the cup of the President of PGNIG Termika struggled not only with their opponents but also with challenging weather conditions on the Zegrzyński Lagoon. There was a very strong wind and heavy rain during the whole event. Our crew was not discouraged by the conditions and enthusiastically completed the tasks.

The organizers took care of the safety of the competition, so they decided to hold the races in a sheltered part of the lake. They also imposed an obligation to reef the sails. The route was shortened and adapted to the conditions on an ongoing basis – only four races were held.

The competition was held in the spirit of fierce sporting rivalry. There were 12 crews on the start line, and only 10 finished. The fight was intense in each race round from the start to the finish line. Additionally, changing the wind’s strength and direction changes required us to maintain alertness throughout the race.

ConnectPoint crew did very bravely and fought to the end in every race. In the end, we finished the races in 1st,3rd,5th and 3rd places. Taking into account the traditional discard of the worst result, we achieved a final score of 7 points.

This result guaranteed us a spot on the podium, 2nd place, to be precise. The winning team scored the exact number of points. We collected the prize for the second place from the hands of a representative of the Management Board of PGNIG Termika.

With great enthusiasm, we are planning to participate in the next regatta cycle event organized by Sportgas.

New sports section in ConnectPoint

This race is a fantastic start for the sailing section at ConnectPoint! Congratulations to the whole team.

You can read a detailed account of the event in Polish on the Sportgas website.

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