Benefits of working in ConnectPoint

Damian Witanowski


Our stable working environment makes it easy to improve your skills continuously. The development of our employees’ potential is extremely important to us, which is why we support them in improving both their technical and soft skills. We subsidise courses, training and certificates.
Cooperation with our partners allows us to be up-to-date with industry trends and provides access to the latest training courses. It is worth noting that, as a company, we always help find suitable training options adjusted to the needs of a particular person. We also offer foreign language lessons taught by a professional language school.

Professional self-development
We know how important it is to advance at work, but we do not always find time to implement learning plans effectively. At ConnectPoint, we decided to change that, and in addition to standard training, we introduced a professional self-development program. The program allows to broaden competencies and diversify daily work on projects. We allocate additional 20 days per year for the programme, independent from holidays.

Knowledge exchange
We focus on teamwork, the exchange of knowledge and support in solving problems. We ensure this through thematic guilds, which enable the exchange of experience in using a given technology or the discussion of project topics. We share our knowledge inside and outside the company: Our employees take part in podcast recordings, prepare articles and summarise self-development activities, which we publish, among others, on our blog and in the newsletter.


Mental health
We consciously cultivate an employee-friendly environment. We know how important mental health is. Therefore, we have a coach and a psychologist working with us permanently. As a responsible employer, we support our employees in challenges in their professional and private lives. Together with the psychologist, we organise individual personal development workshops, group training on communication, and non-compulsory weekly mindfulness classes.

Medical care and life insurance
We realise that health is important, so we provide employees with a comprehensive medical care package and private life insurance.

Sport is an essential part of life for our employees. With this in mind, we provide an extended variant of the sports card, allowing access to over 4,000 facilities. We have a company running team that constantly grows and participates in organised sporting events. The various internal sporting events are also worth mentioning, such as the “Mundial”, a table football tournament.


Stationary and remote work
We are different, so we provide the opportunity to work in the mode preferred by the employee – stationery in our well-equipped office, hybrid or completely remote. No matter where you choose to work, we always provide you with professional hardware adapted to your department’s needs, position, and project. All our offices are well connected. In our headquarters in Warsaw, free parking spaces are available.

Dress code and organisational culture
For us, it is natural that we all call each other by our first names, and the dress code only applies to meetings with clients. Both experienced people and those taking their first steps in their professional careers will find a supportive and family atmosphere in the team from the very first moments. We respect each other and appreciate diversity.

Flexibility and work-life balance
By opting for a flexible working model, we can effectively take care of the work-life balance of our employees. Everyone has their habits and responsibilities – both professional and private. For this reason, we let you determine your working hours individually.

A clearly defined and flat structure
In our structure, each technical team is headed by a leader. All of us can count on direct contact with the Board. A clearly defined structure allows us the freedom to raise ideas and organise brainstorming sessions. It also reduces paperwork and guarantees fast action on the most critical issues.


Integration events and meetings
Meetings on kayaks or spontaneous team outings are not strange to us. Our project teams have additional integration budgets, which allow them to get to know each other even better on a non-work basis. We do not give up on face-to-face meetings even when most of us work remotely. We regularly organise company events and meetings, as good team relations are essential at work.

Employee referral programme
Most of our recruitment processes result in the hiring of the right people thanks to our employee referral programme. Employees are pleased to recommend their colleagues who have the required competencies. When a newly hired person works at ConnectPoint for a minimum of three months, the employee who recommended them receives a cash bonus.

Each of us is unique, and as a result, each of us needs something different at various points in our lives. At ConnectPoint, we are committed to ensuring that the perks and benefits we offer change with us to continually meet the needs of our employees. I encourage you to check out our current job openings if that sounds interesting. I hope we will have the opportunity to talk 😊